Another amazing discovery with beautiful old cars…

Look at these pics!!! This car workshop restores old cars and also has some of his own. Mmmm. He is based in Roma and some of these cars are up for sale, for instance the Lancia Thema Ferrari which has a 3.2L Ferrari engine is up for offers and there are VERY few around.

P1040127 P1040126 P1040125 P1040124 P1040123 P1040122 P1040121 P1040120


A beautiful, peaceful hotel garden in the heart of busy Amalfi

Look at these pictures, they kind of talk for themselves. I was recently visiting the Hotel Aurora and I was told that they had recently renewed their gardens. So what, I asked?

Well, they serve the breakfast in the garden (when the weather allows), so it is worth a look, I was told. And they were correct……they have created a beautiful sanctuary where you can sit and rest and have a coffee and just watch the world go by, mainly by boat as the terrace overlooks the sea. A truly magic place. well worth a visit.

DSCN1787 DSCN1786 DSCN1785

You like art, history and ceramics? Look here….

Go to have a look at the blogs, you must have the site in English…..and look at these wonderful ceramics, all from the local area around Amalfi…..the hotel has organized a display inside the hotel for the season as well as some events when artists will be invited to show their works and present them to the hotel guests and visitors. Truly wonderful even for a fellow like me with not such a deep knowledge of ceramics, to say the least….

DSCN1775 DSCN1779 DSCN1778 DSCN1777 DSCN1771 DSCN1768 DSCN1767

Would you buy a motorcycle from this guy? Er well YES….I have, many many times over

I first met these 2 brothers some 30 years ago. At the time I was a poor college student with an almost new and lovely Honda CB750 K6, they were my local Honda dealers so I popped in to purchase a GB sticker before setting off with a group of college friends to France for a holiday. We got chatting about France and bikes, and Dave got his 750 F1 and came with us!. The rest, as they say, is history…..

They are now Yamaha Premier dealers and one of the best in the UK with a wonderful new premises (which was previously a car dealership), and they sell a great range of clothing as well as new and used bikes and spares. I travelled over with my trusty Vito van from Roma recently to return my MT-09 and collect a lovely new blue Yamaha Super Tenere 1200, so I took a few snaps and here they are. They also have an amazing collection of historic Honda motorcycles (about 45 bikes) and Dave is always happy to show them.

The team is led by Martin (the large fellow) and his main men are Mark, Brian and Mike plus the brilliant workshop team of Chuck, Nige, Quiet Darrel and the new snotty nosed kid Ashley. Little Steve Cole is just out of nappies and starting to learn (not much) and new kid on the block IT David has just about learned to switch on the PC…..give him time. Oh and I almost forgot Richard the Spare part. Easily done.

Some new Yamahas
An R1M, rare beast
The stunning R1M
Martin in the machine shop
Super Ten loaded…
Plus a few bits and pieces
Dave with poor Steve
Mark the sales fellow
Martin the er boss
Van ready…
Easy does it Dave
The pillar is on the left
Mike and Brian
Extensive range of clothing
More clothing
Mike explains….
Some new Suzukis
New Yamaha range
Used selection…
More used bikes
Even more used bikes
The parts counter
The shop is lovely
Some used tourers
Yamaha clothing
New bikes

Fancy a flash car for a weekend or a special trip? I know a man…..

See these pictures, ALL of these cars are available for rental for a party or special weekend or whatever. This guy currently has around 30 cars and is constantly adding more, I can take you to see them anytime. See his web site and mmmm what a mouth-watering collection.

P1040072 P1040071 P1040069 P1040068 P1040067 P1040066 P1040065 P1040064 P1040063

Shoe and zip and jacket repairs in Roma?? Noooooo worries…..

Dont know where to go???? Dont wanna spend too much?? Scared of the cost and or quality of the repairs?? An American lady who worked in the US Embassy used to take a suitcase of shoes back to the States each year to get them repaired, and when I took her to this place she was VERY happy. Hey we can help. I know a guy in Roma who can turn his hand to everything, from shoes to handbags to rucksacks to motorcycle leathers, he has always saved the day and at VERY reasonable prices too. I can give you details of where to find his shop in the area of Viale Libia just off the Nomentana but he does not speak English, so if you like I can help…..just ask.

You want your car serviced or parked in Roma but dont know where? Here

Roma and Italy are nightmares for the unaware and the uninitiated. The car is a particular worry, as there is no space to park a car in Roma and the costs of safe off-street parking can be horrendous. And if you park on the street (if you find a space) you are always worried about damage and break ins and worse.


Well I have the solution(s). I know an excellent guy near where I live in San Lorenzo (which is very near to the central train station Termini) who has a garage for parking a car and or motorbikes at very reasonable rates, and he also has a small maintenance garage inside the car park where he sorts out everything from a new light bulb to a new engine, and most things inbetween.

I also know an official VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda garage, they service and repair the VW group range (and therefore stamp the service book and enter all into the VW computer). The owner is an excellent and reliable fellow but the costs are VW official, so of course higher than the other non-official fixers.

And an excellent mate of mine is a motor bike expert in Roma, he specialises in race bike suspension but they will also service and repair anything on 2 wheels, from moped to superbike. ALL at very very good rates and using only the best oils and components, and they give a waranty on the work carried out.

AND if your car or bike is Italian registered you will need a “revisione” or MOT test when it is 4 years old and then every 2 years. I know an excellent place who test cars and bikes and vans and charge to official published rate and I can take it for you. NO WORRIES just service!!