A special dinner in a truly amazing place…

Have a glance at some of these pictures: http://www.ristorantelatonnarella.com/photo-gallery/

This restaurant is just fifteen minutes boat ride away from Amalfi, and the boat ride is included in the price of the meal. When you book a table they tell you where and at what time to meet the boat, and they were waiting for us at 20.30 prompt on the Amalfi quayside. We enjoyed a lovely boat ride of about 15 minutes up the coast from Amalfi to Conca dei Marini. This restaurant can be reached by foot from Conca dei Marini but it is some 400 steps down from the road and of course 400 steps back up again, so much nicer and easier to travel by boat!

The setting is wonderful and the tables are literally on the beach in what feels like a film set, with just a few surrounding houses. We were very warmly welcomed with a glass of cold wine and we decided to ditch the menus and take the suggested courses of spaghetti with courgettes (zucchini) followed by fresh fish and salad, plus some house white wine. This is what the locals do and the fish is always whatever they caught, so is guaranteed fresh.

Goodness, this was certainly an excellent idea as the food was out of this world good, as was the white wine, the service and the stunning atmoshere with just the sea to listen to.

DO NOT MISS THIS EXPERIENCE when you visit the Amalfi coast, I am sure that your hotel front desk can make the booking for you if your Italian is not so good.

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Artists at work….

I was recently lucky enough to witness and to help two Italian artists at work. Alessandro Vasari is a descendant of the well known Vasari family and you can read the history of his family here http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Studio_fotografico_Vasari. His assistant for the weekend was graphic artist Valeria Lemmi, also from Roma, she frequently works with Alessandro on various of his projects.

They were visiting the Aurora Hotel in Amalfi to capture a series of photographs of the inside and the outside of the hotel, to be used to renew the hotel’s web site as well as to be used for related publicity and publications. The weather was (finally) good for the weekend of the 1st of June, here follow a few pictures of the weekend and hopefully the resulting photographs will soon be available on the hotel’s web site http://amalfi.aurora-hotel.it/.

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