The ONLY sensible ways to travel around the Amalfi coast area……….

As a sort-of local (I have lived part time in central Amalfi now for 4 years) I travel here from Roma all year round and I really love to explore the local area. The locals out of season are very open and friendly (there are about 3,000 inhabitants) but during the summer peak season the population grows to over 30,000!! So of course nobody really has time to talk to you.

I generally use my motorbike and/or car or van to travel to Amalfi but in the summer I use either the motorbike or public transport as there is nowhere to park a car. Car parking is a major problem as the town’s 2 car parks fill up very early  and cost 30 Euro per car per day, and then visitors cannot stay as the fines for incorrect parking are terrible!!. Around 150 Euro tow fee plus 30 Euro fine.

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So during the peak season which is June to September you should use the EXCELLENT public transport. The main two are SITA buses ( and Alicost ferries ( Both work very well indeed and hey, let the bus and or the ferry take the strain and lean back and watch the scenery!!!

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The woods around Amalfi are well worth exploring….walking, mountain bike, motorbike or quad, beautiful scenery

Of course the Amalfi coast is world famous and draws visitors from everywhere. But did you know that the mountains above Amalfi rise up to more than 1,000 metres?? Nor did I until recently. Look at the following pics to get an idea. I spent a whole day exploring and met only 3 people, 2 on horseback and 1 on a mountain bike.

Clean air, no traffic, beautiful countryside, beautiful views. Stunning.

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What an amazing area to explore….

Wow the Amalfi area is even more stunning and suprising than I thought. This area really offers FAR more than first meets the eye of the casual visitor.

Of course the coastal towns are stunning and they are all very well known and documented. Ravello, Amalfi, Positano and Sorrento for instance are all very special and truly amazing places to visit, each has her own specialities whereas of course the fresh fish and the lemon products are common to them all. See Wikipedia for all the history and details you need.

But who knows Atrani?? Conca dei Marini, Vettica and Praino?? All of these small towns are on the Amalfi coast and all are really worth a visit and as they are not so well known they generally cost much less then the “Big Four”.

And then if you travel inland only a few kilometres from Amalfi you can find Scala, Pontone, Sambuco, Pimonte and many many more small towns, and most of these are way way higher then Amalfi so they are fairly cool even in August!!

And this is just the start because over the last couple of weeks I have been exploring the area both on and off road with my Yamaha Quad (Raptor 700R) and there are some truly beautiful area to explore off road too so some pictures will be uploaded very shortly.

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Stunning views all round……

WHAT fun and what a great place to discover!