Some new ideas for Amalfi visitors

So how about an Amalfi Mozzarella Day? Wine Day? Amalfi History Day? Limoncello Day? Bread and Biscuit Day. Italian Beer Day? Cooking Day? Pottery Day? And so on.

With Daniela who runs the Hotel Aurora in Amalfi we often chat about what her customers really enjoy. The vast majority (about 85%) of her clients are from overseas, Europe and USA as well as Australia and almost everywhere. The beauty of the Amalfi coast needs no explanation, whereas the history and the culture is a slightly different story. Have a look at this for starters.

There are many organised tours in the area to see nearby Underground Naples, Caserta Palace , Pompei and the local Cathedral as well as several lemon and wine tours but there is little explanation of the incredible history of the town and the local area and of its people. Daniela is a born and bred Amalfitana and a massive fan with great knowledge of the local history and culture. Her family have been in the hotel business for several generations so there is little she does not know about the area. She and her family run a modern hotel in the town, the Hotel Aurora, as well as a much older hotel the Hotel Luna Convento which is inside a former religious convent. Parts of the convent date from the 1600s.

So our idea is to offer overseas visitors a series of small events in the English language, where we can explain some of the history as well as offering a taste of the amazing food and drink that was and still is produced in the area. Our idea is perhaps not a new one, but could provoke the interest of many of the visitors to Amalfi and could just promote some of the lesser known products and history of this lovely town and area.


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