So this is a “junk yard”? Amazing place…

In the old days, when I was a lad etc etc, scrap yards were fairly grim places generally run by criminals or semi criminals, where most of the scrap cars were of dubious origin, to say the least. Well it seems that things have changed, dramatically.

Last week my boss needed some spares for a few cars he is repairing. The price for the spares new was perhaps a thousand Euro so he needed some good “used” parts instead, and he knew the place to go. So we headed to this junk yard near Avellino, an official approved place where they treat cars, vans and trucks which are no longer officially on the road. They have one yard with perhaps 100 massive trucks, some look almost new, and then another yard (and the public cannot enter inside the huge gated compounds) with hundreds of cars and vans all stacked in piles of 3 in kind of forklift holders.

The truck division, amazing, some of the trucks look almost new…
Look at these cars, all in really good condition too.

At the entrance there were certificates from all of the major manufacturers confirming that these guys are authorised to deal with cars at the end of their life. And ps my boss got everything he needed for 80 Euro, instead of more than 900 new…


Theme weekends in a beautiful Amalfi hotel.

My er well lady “partner” runs a beautiful hotel in the town of Amalfi, her hotel is the ONLY one in the town that is at ground level so can be reached without a single step up from street level. Wonderful for the Americans, plus all of the other unfit folks in the world who wanna visit Amalfi without the stress.

Well as you know the weather in Italy is usually great from June to September so the hotel is full to bursting for those 4 months and is perhaps “only” about 70 to 80 percent full during the months of April, May and October. So during these quieter months she seeks to offer some events and entertainment to fill the quiet months and recently she has held the first three “tests”.

The first was a Yoga long weekend, organised and run by a lovely lady called Francesca from Naples who runs these weekends all over Italy. She arrived with 18 of her “fans” or “followers” so they took about 8 rooms plus 2 self-catering apartments. The event ran for 4 days, yoga for 2 days and then 2 days touring the region and despite the unfriendly weather they had a great time. Then, the following weekend she held a “Paint and Drink” event and they welcomed about 11 painters. The artist was from the north of Italy and a lovely talented guy, and all of the folks had fun and made friends with some painting plus some beer or wine, and the “winner” was a 7 year old local genius! Her first words were to her father at the end of the event were “when will they do this again Dad?”.

They have in mind several more events for their clients plus some local friends, watch this space……

This is what they SHOULD have produced…..hehehe
The event was such fun and the true star was the little 7 year old Isa who totally humiliated her Dad hehe…

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Don’t take your car to Ravello or Amalfi, avoid driving the Amalfi coast at all costs!!!! (unless you drive a battle tank maybe)…

Why, you may ask. Well, consider these points:

  • The traffic along the coast road becomes just one long hot queue in the summer months.
  • The coast road is very narrow and winding, two buses cannot pass easily.
  • Overtaking is generally impossible.
  • If two coaches or buses or trucks meet then one must reverse.
  • You can easily damage your rental car and/or the wing mirrors.
  • Parking charges are in the region of 25 to 30 Euro per day.
  • On-street parking is between 2 and 3 Euro per hour IF you can find it

So, leave the car at home and let the bus or ferry boat take the strain!!!

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Motorcycle road safety courses for all….in English or Italian.

I have been buying, repairing and riding motorcycles since I was 14, and I still learn something every time I go for a ride. Whilst a car is relatively easy to drive, at least from A to B, a bike is really complex and totally not easy to ride also because it will fall over easily, a car cannot fall over (almost).

My best mate runs one of the best Yamaha dealerships in the UK and other mates run the biggest Yamaha and KTM dealer in Europe, and I visit and chat often with these guys as well as others and I also visit Trade shows most years, EICMA etc. I also work with a bike race school for many years so I have loads of experience of bikes and riding, but I am always learning.

The concentration required to ride a bike is at least 10 times that required to drive a car. If you don’t feel like riding the bike today DONT, cos 80% is fine for a car but not for a bike, you need 100%.

So now I have started my own riding school, based on simple stuff theory and then practice, using my bike for me and you use yours, individual tuition OR at most 2 or 3 riders with similar levels of riding experience and ability. Contact me if you wanna try, and lets improve your riding together. And ps I am not a bike snob, I have a moped, a scooter, a Quad and some bikes so we can use anything on 2 wheels, the technique is more or less the same, SAFETY FIRST.

As Freddy Mercury sang, “Keep yourself alive” and this is our motto. And Stop Press, I have just purchased a lovely Honda CB500 for teaching purposes, pics to follow.