So this is a “junk yard”? Amazing place…

In the old days, when I was a lad etc etc, scrap yards were fairly grim places generally run by criminals or semi criminals, where most of the scrap cars were of dubious origin, to say the least. Well it seems that things have changed, dramatically.

Last week my boss needed some spares for a few cars he is repairing. The price for the spares new was perhaps a thousand Euro so he needed some good “used” parts instead, and he knew the place to go. So we headed to this junk yard near Avellino, an official approved place where they treat cars, vans and trucks which are no longer officially on the road. They have one yard with perhaps 100 massive trucks, some look almost new, and then another yard (and the public cannot enter inside the huge gated compounds) with hundreds of cars and vans all stacked in piles of 3 in kind of forklift holders.

The truck division, amazing, some of the trucks look almost new…
Look at these cars, all in really good condition too.

At the entrance there were certificates from all of the major manufacturers confirming that these guys are authorised to deal with cars at the end of their life. And ps my boss got everything he needed for 80 Euro, instead of more than 900 new…


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