Theme weekends in a beautiful Amalfi hotel.

My er well lady “partner” runs a beautiful hotel in the town of Amalfi, her hotel is the ONLY one in the town that is at ground level so can be reached without a single step up from street level. Wonderful for the Americans, plus all of the other unfit folks in the world who wanna visit Amalfi without the stress.

Well as you know the weather in Italy is usually great from June to September so the hotel is full to bursting for those 4 months and is perhaps “only” about 70 to 80 percent full during the months of April, May and October. So during these quieter months she seeks to offer some events and entertainment to fill the quiet months and recently she has held the first three “tests”.

The first was a Yoga long weekend, organised and run by a lovely lady called Francesca from Naples who runs these weekends all over Italy. She arrived with 18 of her “fans” or “followers” so they took about 8 rooms plus 2 self-catering apartments. The event ran for 4 days, yoga for 2 days and then 2 days touring the region and despite the unfriendly weather they had a great time. Then, the following weekend she held a “Paint and Drink” event and they welcomed about 11 painters. The artist was from the north of Italy and a lovely talented guy, and all of the folks had fun and made friends with some painting plus some beer or wine, and the “winner” was a 7 year old local genius! Her first words were to her father at the end of the event were “when will they do this again Dad?”.

They have in mind several more events for their clients plus some local friends, watch this space……

This is what they SHOULD have produced…..hehehe
The event was such fun and the true star was the little 7 year old Isa who totally humiliated her Dad hehe…

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