Think bike? Think GLOVES!

Ok so you love motorbikes and the freedom they bring us. Ok so you love the wind in yer face and the fact that you can easily slip through stationary traffic and get away first from the traffic lights.

Me too! I have owned lots of bikes and I currently have five in my collection, I much prefer using 2 wheels than 4 whenever possible.

And I have one golden rule: NEVER ride a bike without wearing gloves.

Why? Well think about it. If you fall over walking you put your hands down to cushion the fall right? Same if you were to fall over from your bike, same if you were to fall OFF your bike. And then who do you think wins, the tarmac or your hands? I have seen the scars after bike falls even at very low speed and the hands will always bear the brunt of the damage.

So I hearby offer you this super summer glove which I found and I dont wanna be rich, I can offer you a pair of these for 20 Euro delivered in Italy, 25 rest of Europe. I recently rode 2400 kms from the UK down to Amalfi and I used these, very comfortable and not too hot. I have only one size XL (which is more or less a medium large for we Europeans) and they fit most people.

What do you think? PLEASE let me know, thanks!

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