Some basic tips about motorbike riding, from an old survivor…

I bought my first bike, a Honda Cub 50, at 14 and I broke my first collarbone at 15 when I managed to fly over the handlebars in a local field. Since then I have had a range of motorbikes and experiences including track riding and I just wanted to pass on some basic survival tips to you. So here we go:

  • ALWAYS stay within your comfort zone
  • ALWAYS dress ready for the worst, so good helmet, gloves, bike jacket and jeans are essential
  • Assume that the other road users will do what they should not, so ride defensively and give them a very wide berth
  • Take some kind of rider training cos we are NOT all Valentino. Track riding is great for learning, so is off road riding
  • Look after your bike (check tyre pressures, oil levels etc) and your bike will look after you

Stay safe and have fun! My current lovely bikes are shown below

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