Have a look at this lovely little classic car…..

You may love or you may hate the original Fiat 500, but you cannot deny that they form a part of the European motoring heritage. When Italy came out of the Second World War, the first cheap and mass produced contribution to getting the Italians mobile again was possibly Piaggio with their little mopeds, and then Fiat with their small cars.

The 500 was introduced in 1957, see this excellent Wikipedia article for the full history https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiat_500 and was a truly amazing achievement. Today in 2020 you can still find these cars but accidents, rust and just age have of course taken their toll.

Recently a mate of mine asked me to advertise his for sale, so I put it on Ebay UK as although it is of course left hand drive, I know that there are some UK collectors looking for these fairly rare cars and as few were made in rhd, they are prepared to purchase the lhd cars as well.

This all happened at about the time that this terrible virus closed down Italy and of course Europe so John was unable to fly over to see the car and instead asked me for many many photographs, which I supplied. Transport was of course the next problem and I found to my suprise that a freight ship sails from Salerno to the UK every week, and it takes about a week to arrive. We asked for a quote and the price is fairly reasonable, so if our UK mate John decides to go ahead then I will take some pics when we take the little car to meet the rather large ship!!! Watch this space.

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