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Well, the S4 requires some good ol’ TLC…

As previously reported, I recently took delivery of a 2005 B6 Audi S4 with that wonderful V8 4.2L engine and the Audi Quattro 4WD system. She has been very well looked after and has a full Audi service history (Audi Switzerland) so I could not ask for more and I think that the dreaded timing chain problem has also been sorted, that is a killer cos to change the chain requires the engine to come out of the car!!

The car arrived just before the dreaded virus lockdown so I have not yet been able to drive the car almost at all, just one very quick motorway trip up to Roma and back to flex her muscles. Since then she has been shut in a garage and even walking or cycling the 400m between house and garage has been difficult as the Police patrolled the town centre. So I have been visiting the car as and when I can, and I have taken a few photos just to show what I have been up to.

The car is 15 years old, she looks really good and everything seems to work from the lovely electric sunroof to the satnav to the memory seats (Audi in this case showing very good build quality, like my previous A5) BUT as she has spent most of her life between Switzerland and the UK then I assumed that the underside of the car would show some signs of the dreaded rust, which cars here in sunny Italy tend not to have until they are much older. Plus, I noted that the car battery was not the correct one (much smaller) so that needed changing, and I also saw that the alloy wheels had some scars so I planned to have them refurbished and found a local place that would do that.

When I removed the wheels my theory was proved half right and the wheel arches, suspension, brakes and all did have some signs of corrosion but not as much as I had feared, so far so good. I don’t have a ramp available so I removed the wheels one at a time and put axle stands under the car while I took the wheels away to be reworked. Some pics follow to show you the work in progress, loads more work to do but this lockdown slows deliveries down to a crawl…….UPDATE pics of my wheels being repainted just added…and a new set of Continental Sport tyres just arrived too, plus Brembo discs and pads all round!!

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What a wonderful experience at Porsche Padova…thanks guys!!

I visited the lovely Porsche dealership in Padova in Febuary, have a look at this place / I was there with a mate who was looking to purchase a Macan S, either a new or almost new ex demo car, and looking to buy on leasing. Well he is a financial guy and so covers the leasing side but as he is not really a car man having been given a free company car for almost all of his working life, he asked me to come along to offer some car knowledge and moral support.

The premises and this company are owned directly by the Porsche company, as are the 2 largest ones in the country so that they can handle their cars and customers as they wish without relying on the goodwill of an Italian Arfur Daley, so to speak. We were greeted as we entered the lovely premises and asked to sit down in reception with a lovely coffee while they called the sales guy who was going to look after us.

In short we were treated with a great deal of kindness and respect, and taken out in the demo car by a young guy who chatted to us in excellent English and turned out to be a semi pro racing driver so he really showed us how the car went and stopped! AMAZING experience. I of course spent most of the visit drooling over the stunning 911s and telling John that these were real cars, not the bloody van he was looking at, but hey each to his own and he purchased the lovely demo Macan S which made him a very happy bunny.

Beautiful place, folks, cars and experience, thank guys!