A truly super experience at Porsche Padova…thanks guys!!

I visited the stunning Porsche dealership in Padova in Febuary, have a look at this place /https://dealers.porscheitalia.com/padova/ita/ I went there with a mate who was looking to purchase a Macan S, either a new or almost new ex demo car, and he was looking to buy on leasing. He is a financial guy and so covers the leasing side but as he is not really a car man (having been given a free company car for almost all of his working life) so he asked me to come along to offer some car knowledge and moral support.

The premises and this company are owned directly by Porsche Germany as are the 2 largest ones in the country so that they can handle their cars and customers as they wish without relying on the goodwill of an Italian Arfur Daley, so to speak. We were greeted as we entered the lovely premises and asked to sit down in reception with a coffee while they called the sales guy who was going to look after us.

In short we were treated with a great deal of kindness and respect and then taken out in the demo car by a young guy who chatted to us in excellent English, he turned out to be a semi pro racing driver so he really showed us how the car went and stopped! AMAZING experience. I of course spent most of the visit in the dealership drooling over the stunning 911s and telling John that these were real cars, not the bloody van he was looking at, but hey each to his own and he purchased the demo Macan S which made him a very happy bunny. He could fit his golf bag into the Macan, ho hum.

Beautiful place, folks, cars and experience, thank guys!


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