Finally the old S4 leaves the starting blocks, yess……

Wow, things that would normally take a few days are now taking months, cos here in Italy we are under lockdown and we have been since early March. Here things are taken VERY seriously and if you do not have a valid reason to travel then the Police will stop you and send you home with a fine. Even more so anyone who has a vehicle with foreign plates, cos they are terrified that tourists may arrive and bring the dreaded cornavirus.

So when I first bought the S4 in Feb all was good, but after only a week she started to run the engine fans all the time and they stayed on even when I parked the car even before she was up to operating temperature!! That evening the fans must have run until the car battery was dead and when I charged and then changed the battery for a new one the problem continued. So I did some research and found A8parts in the UK and I asked their opinion about the part I needed to change to resolve this disaster.

Well, long story shortish they despatched the ECU (about 100 Quid for a used part) and finally I managed to get the car to my local INDI and onto his ramp. He removed the front bumper and guess what, we found TWO ECUs which appeared identical. So which one do we change?? We decided to change the easiest of the two, the one inside the front bumper, and then restarted the car and YESSSSS the fans did not start up!!!!!

A few pics below and yes, I am a happy bunny!!! So far so good, in the meantime I have purchased some more stuff for the car so we will be fitting them soon I hope…..

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