I found a car-wash and the S4 starts to looks like the elegant old girl she is….

We have been locked-down at home since early March and it is just starting to be eased some 3 months later. So the old S4 has been locked in the garage gathering dust and looking rather sad and sorry for herself. Finally I have been able to take her out for a drive and wow she goes great!

I guess that she no longer has all of the initial 350 ish horses as she has more than 190k kms under her wheels, but she goes very well indeed. I have a plan for an engine carbon clean, more to follow. As I drove recently to buy some wine at our favourite local winemaker (see https://www.facebook.com/cantineiovine/) I saw a new car wash which was open and in operation, so I stopped for a chat with the owners.

Well the old Audi was second in the wash queue and for 15 Euro they cleaned her very thoroughly inside and out, happy days indeed. Here follow a few pics to show just how good she now looks: In the coming few days the wheel centres will be painted and refitted too, the wheels are refinished in gunmetal grey and I think they look stunning.

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