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Finally the old girl stretches her legs..

I purchased the old S4 Avant just prior to the dreaded lockdown early this year. So although some 8 months have now passed, I have been able to use her very little indeed. Well finally last week we managed to get 3 days off and so I prepared the S4 (checked the tyre pressures and fluids, all ok) and we set off.

Our destination was the wonderful thermal baths at Bacoli, have a look here:

The place is truly magic! Only people who are resident in the area can enter, that is extended to anyone who stays in a nearby hotel as they gain temporary residence. We stayed in a wonderful local hotel, Villa Luisa and walked to the baths, then we ate at the nearby Pizzeria Lucrino

Here she is on the way, the car performed great and returned an average of about 9km/litre which for the Brits is about 25mpg. On the motorway it creeps up towards 10/28 but on the smaller roads this dives….

By Simon

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