Amalfi Coast fruit and veg anybody?

Well the Amalfi Coast is very well known for its natural beauty and lovely beaches and all that, but perhaps many of you do not know that there is loads more to discover. I work part time in Ravello for a lovely man who repairs cars, he lives in Ravello and he has a plot of land in nearby Scala, which is said to be the oldest town on the Amalfi Coast.

Recently he invited me to go and visit his plot of land cos he wanted a hand to collect some chestnuts. In 2 hours we collected about 50 kgs of these stunning chestnuts and he gave me some to take home mmmm. He bought this land in 1999 and it was more or less just grass, he then started to build the “terraces” and to plant all kinds of fruit and veg.

So now 20 years down the road, the place if full of lovely food and requires tons of work to keep it looking good, of course. So he invited me to return last Sunday and we helped him, as well as collecting some stuff for ourselves of course!! Look at these photos, wow in only a couple of hours we had chestnuts, apples, walnuts and all sorts of lovely local products! And ps the chestnuts are very special cos they grow salted, as Scala is very near to the sea!


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