My 2 new bikes just arrived mmmm..

Well, thanks to COVID 19 we cannot travel at the moment, so when my Yamaha FJR 1300 recently got to her third birthday I had to decide what to do. Cos at three years we must put her thro’ the UK MOT test (and then every 12 months) so usually I take the bike back to the good old UK and trade her in for a new or almost new one. I love the journey up thro’ Italy and France and I then take some time to visit family and mates, about 2200 km from Amalfi to downtown Bedworth (aka Bedrock).

BUT of course the European trip is not currently on the cards. So I contacted Chas Mortimer in the UK cos I know that they do loads of European motorcycle transport and they quoted me 700 Quid to collect the FJR and deliver her back to Alf England. Booked. They came and saw and took the old girl away (I was sad to lose her cos I had some great trips, but I know that she has already found a happy new owner) and then 3 weeks later my brand new black FJR Ultima arrived together with a stunning 2 year old Honda CB1000R which Martin had at a very reasonable price. I have already purchased a lovely Leo Vince end can for the Honda, must get it fitted…..

Happy Days indeed, I cannot WAIT for the weather to improve so that I can take them both for a spin!!! Pics below. And ps fitted the Leo Vince can to the Honda and she sounds great…..


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