Audi S4 update…

Well I have had this lovely car for a year now and although we are still semi locked down, I have managed to make some progress with the car and recently two long round-trips to the north of Italy and so here comes my update report. I have covered about 5000 kilometers so far with a big smile on my face virtually all of the time, given that she is so comfortable and so much fun to drive so some thoughts now follow:

  • The engine and gearbox are both amazing, with torque to spare. She is very powerful for sure but the real pleasure is the effortless and super smooth way she gets up to speed, overtaking is effortless.
  • Ride and handling are also super. Considering the age of the car she holds on great to the road and she is super smooth on the bumps and curves.
  • Fuel consumption is awful on short runs but gets much better on the motorway as long as the revs do not exceed 3000, which is only about 145kph in top (sixth). I can get up to 9kms/litre max BUT if I was looking for fuel economy I would not have bought this car!
  • I like the size of the car. She is big enough to be comfortable and small enough to be fun. For me the A3 is a bit small and the A6 too big. And the SW rear has plenty of room for luggage too.

So what is not to like? I have just taken her for a good service including gearbox oil and filter change so I will soon report on progress. UPDATE: just collected the S4 from a full service and she goes great, the engine seems even quieter than before.

Some pics below.


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