Happy Hutch, what a lovely mutt..

Last year my son Luca adopted a dog from a dog rescue compound in Roma. Luca had always wanted a pet but his mother was against, so now he lives alone he decided to adopt a companion. The rescue guys were brilliant and asked firstly to talk to his Ma for her permission, and then they selected (I think) the most sweet and gentle and intelligent mutt that they had, given that Luca was a first timer.

Well they had two brothers who had been abandoned, the dark one was called Starsky and his light haired brother Hutch and Luca returned home with little Hutch. To say that Hutch has changed his life is, I think, an understatement. HH (I call him, short for Happy Hutch) is a true revolution. As are most mongrels he is really smart, but Hutch is super smart!

You cannot sit on the settee without him, he hops up. You cannot leave the house without him cos he gets to the door first. And he manages to scrounge some food from almost every shop he visits, below you can see him waiting at the door of the local shop until the kind owners come and offer him some leftovers.

Look at some of the pics below:


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