Motorcycle riding, safely

Listen all, motorcycles are in my humble opinion and experience the most fun you can have dressed but also very difficult to master cos they often don’t behave as we think they should. The secret to riding a bike is basically not a secret, you simply need to concentrate and use your brain as well as study and watch and read what the experts tell ya. You sit inside a car and the car protects you (you cannot fall out) plus you have ESP and ABS and stuff, whereas you ride a bike and yes, modern bikes have ABS but nothing will save you if you get it wrong.

I am for sure NOT an expert but I have been riding bikes for many years and survived, and I have also worked with a race school for several years so I have plenty of experience. I currently have several bikes and LOVE them all! Please feel free to download the PowerPoint file which is in English and gives some pointers, if you like this one then I have another slightly more advanced version too, just ask!!

Good safe riding to all.

Published by Simon

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