Feeding some local stray mutts

I love animals, in particular dogs cos as a kid we always had dogs in the house, even three at a time. One thing that I really cannot understand is how people can treat dogs badly but as we all know, sadly it happens. So when I travel locally I always try to have some food on board just in case, and I have about 15 “regular” mutts that I feed (half are strays and half have a home and just enjoy a bone or whatever from time to time) and in addition sometimes meet some “new entries”.

Well last week I was heading to Angri for work and I found a group of mutts that I had never seen before, so I stopped to say hello. Then as I have befriended a lovely butcher lady in Angri I went to visit and collected a big box of food for 10 Euro, to feed the new guys cos they looked very hungry indeed. I find it very unusual that four big dogs are abandoned together, how can that happen, usually the dogs thrown out of a car are alone. Not sure.

Anyway some pictures follow, these guys are lovely! Stop press, I visited again recently with food and there are 6 dogs altogether, so now when I drive past I take them some food.

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