Have you ever visited Paestum?? You should asap…when we can travel again..

One of the lesser known historical jewels of Italy (and Italy has many!!) dates back to 600 years BC and was constructed by the Ancient Greeks and then later reconstructed by the Romans. And what a place, today it is stunning and wonderful to visit. See Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paestum for the history and some photos.

Unless of course you wish to forget or ignore some 2600 years of history?? This place is amazingly well preserved, pay a ticket and just walk round with signs in Italian and English telling you the specifics of every amazing ruin. You can take a coffee or sit down to lunch (at very reasonable prices) and soak up the amazing atmosphere, car parking is vast and reasonable too. Indeed motorbikes park free!! The main car park also houses bikes for a couple of Euros and they even kept our helmets and rucksacks too.

WONDERFUL place not to be missed, only about 30 km south of Salerno so very easy to get to by car but not so easy by public transport. A real jewel in the Italian crown, the Manager is a German fellow and so the place is now REALLY well kept and organised. A few pics follow.


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