Fiorenzuola d’Arda – what a lovely little town and the Hotel Mathis is truly wonderful!!

I have been visiting this small town for almost two years now since my son moved there to play basketball for their team, they were in the Italian C league seeking promotion to B. He has played in B for several years and Fiorenzuola were building a team to get back up into B.

Having gained promotion into B (despite the COVID interruption) he was then given a contract for a second season so I continue to visit, last weekend I went again for a very important match. The trip from Amalfi is 750 kilometres each way so about 7 hours cos it is almost all motorway and the motorways in Italy are generally excellent, cos we pay alot maybe????

Anyway I always stay at the lovely Hotel Mathis which is in the centre of the town and is truly wonderful! The place is run by a lovely guy called Davide and the motto of the hotel is “Out of the Ordinary” and the hotel mirrors his motto. There is a stunning old British motorbike parked in the middle of the lounge and he has another 30 bikes in his garage too, so this for me is a great start cos I love bikes!

And the rest of the hotel has LOADS of notable old objects which give a really interesting “feel” to the place, and the service is equally great. The food too is excellent and all reasonably priced. Some pics below.

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