My fleet and garage, June 2021

It must be said that I have always been a fan of two wheelers ever since I purchased my first one at the tender age of 14, a very old Honda 50 C100 4-stroke that I bought for about 8 quid to ride in the fields. I had to have the chassis welded by our local blacksmith cos it snapped in two where the rear shocks bolted to the frame and I also had to rebuild the engine (twice) to get her going, then I managed to break my collar bone when I went over the handlebars in the field but hey, what fun!!

So fast forward a few decades, I still love bikes and I have had quite a few over the years and I am now lucky enough to have a wonderful double garage where I can keep them without my ex-missus checking and er counting them hehe. So a few pics and a descriptions follow and I am still enjoying two wheels, instead of cold and wet UK I live in warm and sunny Italy so I can use and enjoy them most of the year round!. Luckily my lady likes bikes too. Prior to the COVID lockdowns I drove up to the UK several times per year and I have ridden down to the south of Spain several times, mmmm let’s hope that we can soon start to travel again! FREEDOM.

And the following pics are taken in my lovely garage in Tramonti, which is only about 15 km from Amalfi but is up in the hills so cooler and MUCH, much less expensive.

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