Sapri and Maratea, stunning places and roads!

The small coastal town of Sapri is in the southern most tip of the Campania region and historical Maratea (also on the coast) is in the Basilicata region only about15 kilometers away by road. The area is truly lovely and the people very kind and happy to meet visitors, luckily since the awful COVID lockdowns the towns and town people seem to be slowly but surely getting back on their feet. Of course like all Italian cities some activities remain sadly closed but in general these towns are looking good.

We travelled by van with a motorbike plus 2 bicycles in the back so when we arrive we just park the van and use the 2 wheelers. Sapri ( is at sea level and has a lovely long walkway along the sea front, so bicycles here are used by almost everyone cos there are no hills! The small town develops along the promenade with bars, hotels and shops to be found almost everywhere you look.

Maratea is nearby and a completely different kettle of fish (see plus an amazing history dating back to Greek and Roman times. Maratea has about 10 surrounding villages and is said to have 44 churches, which means that perhaps each family has one!!!

And the road between them is AMAZING to say the least. I rode it twice cos it is such a beautiful experience and I sure will return to explore the area better cos there is such alot to see. Check out my pictures below and I hope that you agree there is loads of beauty in this area, for sure.

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