Barnes v France…..perhaps a draw??

Well we recently saw Barnes hit France, when he and I met up in lovely Troyes. Troyes is surely one of the most beautiful and classic cities in France and walking round it was a great experience, even Barnes appreciated the wonderful buildings and architecture, amazing!

His French is er limited but luckily his sense of direction is good so we arrived at the lovely Brit Hotel within 10 minutes of each other. He even found his way to room 411 on the 4th floor!! Progress. We both enjoyed our several long walks around the city and the old centre is lovely, we explored several bars and found some great beers too. Even sitting outside we were always asked to show out Green Pass.

I warned the cleaning ladies in our hotel that Barnes was out on bail so he was not to be approached, and so they stayed a distance from him!!! Cos when I told them he just grinned……

Eventually the French got him!! On his way back up to Calais he got stung at TWO different petrol stations, both time he paid by credit card and they stole the balance!!!

So I think that we can call this a draw, France 2 Barnes 2. Until the next match!!!!


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