Engine, engine, engine……

Ok the title does not really do justice to my idea so let me explain further. Over the many years of enjoying both cars and motorbikes (I had a Yamaha Quad Raptor 700 too), I have formed this idea. Basically before I even consider purchasing a car or bike I start with the motor. In my opinion a lovely car with an underpowered engine is to be avoided, for me it makes zero sense cos it will be all show and no go. Instead I love the Q car idea in other words a car that looks like a standard version whereas it has a powerful engine and therefore GREAT fun.

The same (for me) applies to motorbikes. I simply love my naked 1000s because they have loads of power and torque and they are physically small and light like a 600 of only a few years ago, so the performance is fantastic! I have a 2018 Honda CB1000R which is said to develop 145 horses and is wonderful to ride, light and VERY fast. I have already fitted a BMC air filter and a Leo Vince end can and I now await the Rapid Bike Easy (ECU) which should enable the bike to run much better, I cannot wait to try her!!! These mods should vastly improve the low and mid range power, I am totally not interested in making more top end power because she does not need any!!

I intend to do the same to my new (to me) Honda VFR1200F. Again she is a super powerful V4 and I intend to replace the air filter with a BMC filter and then perhaps the exhaust too. LOVELY bike, about 170 horses when she was new, 2013 bike but only 35k kms on the clock and full service history too.

My old Audi S4 is similar, she makes about 350 horses and pulls like a train from low revs and goodness, the V8 engine is amazing cos in my opinion there is NO substitute for cubes (as the Americans say) and the Audi is a 4200cc V8 auto normally aspirated and lovely to drive!!!! A large capacity lazy engine is PERFECT for my tastes cos I love torque and power from low revs. Happy Days!!!!


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