Well guess what?? YES, another quick trip to France hoping that the weather holds..

Here we go again!! Recently I saw that my old pal Martin had taken in part exchange a 2009 Yamaha FZ1 which really caught my eye, she has only 25k kms on the clock and is a Danish import in black with gold wheels. I asked Martin to hold her for me cos the FZ1 is a stunning bike and was well ahead of her time as back in 2001 (manufactured until 2015) she had the R1 engine and then when the FZ1 had an update the 20V engine made 150 horses!!!! WELL ahead of the competition, at that time.

I have now two tourers in my collection, one is a Honda VFR1200F (2013) which I just collected and I love, the other is a Yamaha FJR1300 Ultimate which I purchased at the end of 2020 to replace another FJR but which (thanks to Brexit and COVID19) has not yet really moved from my garage. SO I decided to part-exchange the FJR back to Martin and purchase the FZ1, he is happy to have another recent Yamaha to sell just a little less happy to transfer money to me cos he is SO not used to it hehehehe.

So the famous service manager who works for Martin (Brian the Barnes) has just finished servicing my old FZ1 and we arranged to meet in Lyon (France) this weekend. I love Lyon cos the food is stunning and I love the city. WATCH THIS SPACE cos we intend to take loads of pics!!!!! Ps this means about 1200km for me and for him, I cannot go via my usual Chamonix cos it is now far too cold for motorbikes.


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