A brief update on my bikes ….

My lovely garage now consists of 5 motorbikes (plus I have another one in the UK). The 5 bikes I have in my garage consist of 3 Yamahas and 2 Hondas they are all great motorbikes with very different characteristics. I love riding them and looking after them. Of course I am only capable ofContinue reading “A brief update on my bikes ….”

And Barnes heads south again…Bedrock to Amalfi ..

So on a Sunday morning our hero (Brian) Barnes left sunny Bedrock very early and took the chunnel over to France riding my wonderful new (to me) 2016 yellow aniversary Yamaha R1, then headed south on the fantastic French motorways towards sunny Italy. I followed his progress at every stop and he sent me aContinue reading “And Barnes heads south again…Bedrock to Amalfi ..”

Using an Audi S4 V8 as a daily driver…really??

Ever since the days when I worked for Land Rover Ltd I have always loved the V8 petrol engine. In those days the Range Rover V8 engine was purchased (the license) from the USA Buick I think and was aluminium and thus very light, it was considered at that time too small for the StatesContinue reading “Using an Audi S4 V8 as a daily driver…really??”

The Amalfi Coast for visitors…

I live in the lovely town of Amalfi, I have lived here for several years and coming here from the city of Roma it was a bit strange at first, but the little town is truly lovely. See this link This town with its cathedral and the entire Amalfi Coast is beautiful and the historyContinue reading “The Amalfi Coast for visitors…”