So what happened to the poor ol’ Audi????

For the very first time since I bought her more than two years ago the old S4 finally let me down. It must be said that I was VERY lucky indeed because I had covered some 2600 kms without any problems that weekend so it could have happened anywhere, whereas the red light on theContinue reading “So what happened to the poor ol’ Audi????”

These older vehicles are suprisingly good

Ever since I started to own and ride road bikes and later cars, my habit was always to trade up. My first road bike was a tatty Suzuki GT185 which 2 years later I sold and purchased a brand new Yamaha RD400, which after 2 years I sold and purchased an almost new Honda CB750K6Continue reading “These older vehicles are suprisingly good”

The old Audi finally lets me down…..happy update: back on the road!!!

Well last weekend I headed to the north of Italy to see some friends and family and I had three destinations in mind: Alba (where my son lives), Omegna on Lake Maggiore (where he played an important basketball match) and then home via Milano to visit my little girl. Well the journey north went veryContinue reading “The old Audi finally lets me down…..happy update: back on the road!!!”