Time to “chip” my CRF250…

To chip or not to chip, that is the question. And then how to chip is the second question which closely follows the first if you decide “yes”. But firstly let’s think about why:

  1. In the old days I owned and enjoyed 3 Yamaha XT660s. The XT was an amazing fun bike and for me was my first bike that I had ever modified, heavily. I had the XT660X, the road bike version, also known as “super moto” she has 18 inch wheels front and rear.
  2. The main problem with the XT came from the fact that she was a large single cylinder and as such REALLY suffered from the dreaded on/off throttle response. This was made ever-worse by the stupid EUR emissions and noise regulations which forced the manufacturers to run the bike VERY lean indeed and to to strangle both the intake and the exhaust to keep the noise down. Indeed the XT was killed off several years ago along with all big singles. Shame.
  3. To make the bike smoother and more fun to ride I therefore fitted an aftermarket exhaust as well as BMC air filter and I also carried out a long series of other mods to make the XT better and easier and smoother to ride. The exhaust was Leo Vince and removes several kilos as a starting point.

And so now to my single cylinder Honda CRF and the chip discussion. She produces a very modest 22 horses and she too is fairly “strangled” so I ordered a BMC air filter and an Arrow aftermarket exhaust. And now I am in contact with an Italian company who offer to reprogram the factory ECU to release a little more power and torque but mainly to smooth out the power delivery. The other road to follow is to purchase a second ECU which fits onto the standard one as a piggy back.

WATCH THIS SPACE! results to follow soon. I have chosen the rechip route so we will soon see what happens!

This is my standard Honda ECU so here’s crossing fingers…..

These graphs show me what my bike currently produces and then what it will produce when re programmed. The gains are small but constant so the bike should be much smoother to ride.


Published by Simon

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7 thoughts on “Time to “chip” my CRF250…

  1. To chip or not personally I wouldn’t bother what you gain on one thing you loose an another. My experience with chipping and plug in boxes hasn’t been good. We’ve fitted rapid bikes to motorcycles and nearly every one has been troublesome steer clear not a good idea. Just think how much R&D has gone into the bike I’m sure they know more than Fred in a shed deffo a no no


    1. Brilliant, I luv your comments Brian. I will however point out that this particular bike NEEDS chipping to correct the stupid “faults” that Honda is obliged to program into the bike in order to comply with noise and emissions regs. And my man is no “Fred in his shed” I promise, all of his work is dyno tested!!!


      1. I’m still sceptical about mapping I had my Range Rover chipped was the worst decision I’d ever made. It made a luxury car look like an old Montego black smoke on acceleration and very poor mpg good luck but your decision. Can only advise


      2. Mate I know exactly your experience!!! BUT you also had the DPF removed I think so was not JUST chipping. And when you have loads of bhp to play with then what’s the point. WHEREAS I have 20 horses on the CRF so even 2 more will be very welcome. BUT I am not after power simply a better and smoother ride, hence the BMC air filter plus the Arrow exhaust. You must try this bike mate!!


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