Discover Challenge: Animal

via Discover Challenge: Animal I have loved animals ever since I was a kid, as I grew up with dogs plus 2 sisters and generally got on better with the mutts (sorry sis)!!. We had many dogs over the years but the three I remember best were William the boxer, Shambles the border collie mixContinue reading “Discover Challenge: Animal”

The ONLY sensible ways to travel around the Amalfi coast area……….

As a sort-of local (I have lived part time in central Amalfi now for 4 years) I travel here from Roma all year round and I really love to explore the local area. The locals out of season are very open and friendly (there are about 3,000 inhabitants) but during the summer peak season theContinue reading “The ONLY sensible ways to travel around the Amalfi coast area……….”

The woods around Amalfi are well worth exploring….walking, mountain bike, motorbike or quad, beautiful scenery

Of course the Amalfi coast is world famous and draws visitors from everywhere. But did you know that the mountains above Amalfi rise up to more than 1,000 metres?? Nor did I until recently. Look at the following pics to get an idea. I spent a whole day exploring and met only 3 people, 2Continue reading “The woods around Amalfi are well worth exploring….walking, mountain bike, motorbike or quad, beautiful scenery”

What an amazing area to explore….

Wow the Amalfi area is even more stunning and suprising than I thought. This area really offers FAR more than first meets the eye of the casual visitor. Of course the coastal towns are stunning and they are all very well known and documented. Ravello, Amalfi, Positano and Sorrento for instance are all very special and trulyContinue reading “What an amazing area to explore….”

Amalfi out of season, and all of her traditions

              Amalfi is truly stunning. Historical and beautiful, it clings onto the amazing coastline and uses every square metre available. To park a car in Amalfi costs you about 30 euro per day, as the parking spaces are very limited and demand well exceeds the supply. During the peakContinue reading “Amalfi out of season, and all of her traditions”

A special dinner in a truly amazing place…

Have a glance at some of these pictures: This restaurant is just fifteen minutes boat ride away from Amalfi, and the boat ride is included in the price of the meal. When you book a table they tell you where and at what time to meet the boat, and they were waiting for us atContinue reading “A special dinner in a truly amazing place…”

Artists at work….

I was recently lucky enough to witness and to help two Italian artists at work. Alessandro Vasari is a descendant of the well known Vasari family and you can read the history of his family here His assistant for the weekend was graphic artist Valeria Lemmi, also from Roma, she frequently works with Alessandro onContinue reading “Artists at work….”