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So you fancy some gentle motorcycle off-roading fun then?

Although I have had a motorbike since I was 14, I had never tried “proper” off-roading until a couple of years ago. Luca Viola of Run x Fun ( now organizes courses for beginners and he provides everything including the bike and even the petrol and the boots, you just supply your helmet and gloves, some money and loads of er…. courage!!

They have some wonderful Gas Gas 300 2-strokes and mmmmm what fun (I use my own bike, I have a Beta Alp and a BMW G450X). And the ride is NOT difficult, it is aimed to be fun and therefore tailored to your experience and ability. The location is near Orte (in Umbria, central Italy, 1 hour drive north from Roma) and the places we saw are truly amazing with Etruscan ruins all around, so if the weather is good then it is also a wonderful day out. See these pics, and I have more. A full day of fun including bike hire, instruction and kit costs only about 200 Euro and small groups are welcome providing the level of ability and experience is similar. Enjoy……

P1030686 P1030685

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We offer services that others don’t……

Ok so you know that Italy offers alot, from culture to weather, from nature to food. But you are not sure how to get there and find things and have them explained in English???

Fancy visiting the Ducati factory and museum in Bologna?? Or the Bimota factory in Rimini?? Perhaps the Ferrari factory and museum? A stunning place to eat perhaps?? Arts and crafts?? Or you would like us to take you and/or some luggage and/or a motorbike from Roma to Amalfi? No worries we have an excellent Vito van plus trailer, we can do it.Assisi

We can help you to discover the beauty of Italy and avoid the pitfalls. Just ask.

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Italy is a beautiful country with great weather, so much to explore….

assisi-umbriaI use a motorbike (this is my lovely Yamaha XJR1300) all year round and even the softies can use 2 wheels for some 10 months of the year, only December and January are cool and wet usually.

I love to explore Italy and the bike is a great way to get around. I can supply you with a list of great places which you would not find easily even with Lonely Planet. I can take you and help with the language, or I can supply you with a programmed Tom Tom, as you like. Try me.

gole del sagitt simonP1030706

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We do more, we try harder, we go further, we help you in Italy….

DSCN1728Dear Visitor to Italy,

Servicenolimits can help you to find all the best of Italy and avoid the many potential traps. How can we help?? Well, why not contact me and ask me what you need. For instance you would like to know more about Lazio (or Campania or Abruzzo or Umbria) or you would like to visit the Ducati Factory or the Bimota factory or the Cuma ruins. I can get you more information and I can take you there. Or you want to see a stunning collection of historic cars for sale?? Look at the Alfa Romeo above or the Lancia below, this guy has maybe 30 cars….plus motorbikes.

I can book a hotel or other accomodation. I can help you to buy some of Italy’s lesser known products and services. Try me.


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Welcome to all, time for me to explain…….

Dear All,

Ok this has been a long time coming but as last I am ready to start working!! I am Simon Fowler, I am from the UK and I have lived and worked in Roma (Italy) for a long time, more than 20 years.


Over those 20 years I have travelled extensively for my job (Export Manager) and I have also experienced alot that Italy has to offer. My idea is to put to better use my experiences in Italy to help visitors to enjoy and appreciate Italy and to avoid all of the pitfalls. How?

Well Italy is for sure an amazing coutries and offers loads to visitors. But at the same time the language barrier causes some difficulties and in addition some visitors experience problems to find and to enjoy places when some locals seek to take advantage of the visitors. I speak and understand the Italian language and people so I can guide or even take you to the best of Italy and protect you from the many pitfalls.

Through this very site I will link you to places and people and activities that I know and recommend, most speak some English and a few not. I can also offer you a rental car (a red Alfa Romeo “Duetto” two seater droptop) and I have a van and a luxury car if you need transport, plus some motor bikes which I can rent you.


So please have a look and see what you think and all feedback is read and appreciated, I will be adding links as we go and or ask me for whatever you need and I will try to help.


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A new venture, to aid anyone to experience and to enjoy Italy

DSCN0730Most folks love almost all that Italy can offer.

Italy is said to possess more than 60% of the historic art and buildings of the world. All of us know of the Roman Colleseum, the Roman Forum, the Uffizi in Florence and of course Venice, the (almost) floating museum. The Amalfi coast is stunning too and Naples offers sooo much.

But? Well the main but is perhaps the language, and that leads to the second which is the er inventiveness of some Italians when dealing with non-Italian speakers. You wanna see wine made? Or perhaps pasta? Or limoncello?? No worries.