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An amazingly talented tyre fitter and mechanic who can service, fix or repair almost anything on wheels….

Since I moved house from Roma to Tramonti I have had to restart with all of my contacts to look after my car, my van, and my small fleet of motorbikes. This was not easy as I had lived in Roma for more than 20 years and starting over is never simple, Roma is a huge city with loads of choice whereas Tramonti is a small town in the middle of nowhere. “Tramonti” means between the mountains, as it is perched on the top of a mountain between a town called Angri and the Amalfi Coast, near Salerno.

BUT. In a fairly short time I have managed to find some amazing guys and the most amazing so far is Leo Cioffi at Pontone, a tiny town near Ravello. See Leo is officially a “mere” tyre fitter and he works on his own in a small and cluttered premises just off the main road up to Pontone. I first met him when I damaged a tyre on my old Audi A5 (I managed to hit a rock on the road and tear open the rear tyre, what an idiot). He had to order the replacement Pirelli P Zero 19″ (I bought 2 and changed both tyres, they were half worn) as he did not hold these in stock, 2 days later he called me and I returned to have them fitted.

Not only was he chatty and friendly (and a good Italian coffee is always available) he was also fast and efficient and did a very thorough job. I noted that he went the extra mile without extra charges which I liked immediately so I realised that he was a good contact. Indeed, since then we have become mates and he has done loads of work for me on my van, scooter and Quad and he is always fast and efficient and works REALLY well, the quality of his work is amazing. I have seen him turn his hand to almost everything from trucks to tractors to Vespa scooters to wheel barrows as he also works for the next door family car business and is called upon to fix everything.

What a great discovery!!! And his prices are much less than Rome prices and his knowledge and standards are amazing.


Car and van servicing in Rome, San Lorenzo. Great work at very reasonable prices.

For seven years I lived in San Lorenzo, which is very near to the main Termini train and bus station but without the whores, homeless sleeping rough and the drug pushers. Well we have some pushers but mainly it is a great area full of pubs, bars and eating houses plus students as it is very close the the main University. We have some homeless and many students, sometimes it is difficult to tell them apart…..

I run an old Vito van as well as an Audi A5 plus some bikes and a Quad so I needed a good service man. I have tried several official dealers (BMW and VW/Audi) in the past and found them all a massive rip off, so I looked round for a good independent service man and I found Beppe, he runs his small service operation as well as a covered car parking facility near to my place.

Firstly I negotiated a monthly fee for parking the van OR the car, and in the price he agreed that I could also leave my moped too which was great for me as the city is famous for vandalism and theft of vehicles, my van had already been broken in to below my house which cost me a few hundred Euro for a new window. The garage is a 400m walk from my house, through a lovely park so the exercise is also useful….

Well, one thing led to another and over the years he has become my official service man and he specialises in VW Group cars but is good at all 4 wheeler servicing. He is also ok with 2 wheelers. I am a very fussy devil so I always insist on supplying my chosen engine oil (for instance) but he will always supply and fit the bits that you supply or specify. I recently asked him to fit new brakes to the Audi so we chose Brembo discs and pads, and they work great.

Also, we purchased an excellent software for VW Group cars (he has a VW Golf and now Tiguan, I have the A5 and my lady also has a Tiguan) which we bought from the States and it works really well. He studied it as it is mostly in English and he now uses it frequently with ours and with customer cars.

So if you need a car park or a service or repair or whatever when you are in Roma, give him a call or a visit. He gives EXCELLENT service and he is totally honest. I call him Prof cos he loves to study difficult problems and he almost always wins!!