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The basics, the ABC of surviving on a motorbike

We all (well, many of us) enjoy a motorbike and we almost all teach ourselves how to ride. We may get some tips from a mate or two or from the guy in the shop that sells us the bike but in general we all think that we know how to ride a bike. We have all watched Valentino on TV and we convince ourselves that we can do the same.

Many do not survive long enough to learn that riding a motorcycle on the road is a very dangerous activity. I lost a school friend at 17 so I began to understand that there is more to this than meets the eye, so to speak.

So from my ripe old age I have a few tips for you all, as follows: (and the bike shown above is my Yamaha MT10 which has a detuned R1 engine with 160 horses and FLIES!!)

  1. ALWAYS ride defensively. Cars hurt, so a basic starting point is to assume that all cars are badly driven (many are) and so always stay well away and allow them to get it wrong. Many drivers will take all of the road on a corner so never use all of your lane, stay near to your side of the road. Many car drivers hold their smartphone in one hand so they do not pay much attention to driving and the use of indicators seems to be a thing of the past.
  2. ALWAYS ride within your limits. Sports bikes today are not far removed from race bikes in terms of power, performance and brakes. A modern 1000cc bike has almost 200 horse power!! It is almost impossible for a normal rider to find the limits of a modern bike even on a race track. Instead, it is very easy to find our own limits and we must learn to know them and to stay well within them.
  3. NEVER ride a bike when you are not feeling up to it. Take a bus or tram or car but not the bike because a bike requires 100% of our concentration. 80% is simply not enough.
  4. TAKE A RIDING COURSE. There are several excellent riding schools such as the¬†California Superbike School in the UK, Ron Haslam’s school at Donnington Park and Run x Fun in Italy and all of these are excellent places to learn about riding a motorbike. All are circuit-based for safety reasons and not to teach you to ride at high speeds!!
  5. LOOK AFTER YOUR BIKE. We have only 2 tyres and the tyre condition and pressure are vital, so always check over the bike before and after every ride.
  6. NEVER insult another driver (with hand signals, for instance). It is not worth it. Sadly “Road Rage” exists and you can see many many examples on YouTube so always try to stay away from bad drivers, bikes are always the easy victims.

I have worked with RunxFun for several years and lessons are really the best way to survive and to enjoy yourself too.

All questions answered!!


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Welcome to all, time for me to explain…….

Dear All,

Ok this has been a long time coming but as last I am ready to start working!! I am Simon Fowler, I am from the UK and I have lived and worked in Roma (Italy) for a long time, more than 20 years.


Over those 20 years I have travelled extensively for my job (Export Manager) and I have also experienced alot that Italy has to offer. My idea is to put to better use my experiences in Italy to help visitors to enjoy and appreciate Italy and to avoid all of the pitfalls. How?

Well Italy is for sure an amazing coutries and offers loads to visitors. But at the same time the language barrier causes some difficulties and in addition some visitors experience problems to find and to enjoy places when some locals seek to take advantage of the visitors. I speak and understand the Italian language and people so I can guide or even take you to the best of Italy and protect you from the many pitfalls.

Through this very site I will link you to places and people and activities that I know and recommend, most speak some English and a few not. I can also offer you a rental car (a red Alfa Romeo “Duetto” two seater droptop) and I have a van and a luxury car if you need transport, plus some motor bikes which I can rent you.


So please have a look and see what you think and all feedback is read and appreciated, I will be adding links as we go and or ask me for whatever you need and I will try to help.