So you fancy some gentle motorcycle off-roading fun then?

Although I have had a motorbike since I was 14, I had never tried “proper” off-roading until a couple of years ago. Luca Viola of Run x Fun ( now organizes courses for beginners and he provides everything including the bike and even the petrol and the boots, you just supply your helmet and gloves, some money and loads of er…. courage!!

They have some wonderful Gas Gas 300 2-strokes and mmmmm what fun (I use my own bike, I have a Beta Alp and a BMW G450X). And the ride is NOT difficult, it is aimed to be fun and therefore tailored to your experience and ability. The location is near Orte (in Umbria, central Italy, 1 hour drive north from Roma) and the places we saw are truly amazing with Etruscan ruins all around, so if the weather is good then it is also a wonderful day out. See these pics, and I have more. A full day of fun including bike hire, instruction and kit costs only about 200 Euro and small groups are welcome providing the level of ability and experience is similar. Enjoy……

P1030686 P1030685


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