Amalfi out of season, and all of her traditions

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Amalfi is truly stunning. Historical and beautiful, it clings onto the amazing coastline and uses every square metre available. To park a car in Amalfi costs you about 30 euro per day, as the parking spaces are very limited and demand well exceeds the supply.

During the peak season which lasts from Easter or April through to October (as the weather is generally very mild), the town of 3000 residents becomes host to 20 or even 30,000 visitors per day. The crowds come by bus or coach or minibus, by ferry, by car and by any other means available. The 2 main car parks are full by about 10am. Massive cruise ferries unload  thousands of folks at a time, either into the port of Naples or by a fleet of small boats from the sea, anchored off Amalfi.

All of this in the summer heat is well, very tough.

I suggest to visit Amalfi out of season. You can appreciate all of its history and beauty and avoid the heat and the stress. Depending on the weather, but this year November was very warm and December still sees some folks swimming in the sea and enjoying the warm sea, 16 degrees and sunshine, some of the attractions are indoor (the cathedral, many churches, the ship museum and so on) whilst the rest of the attractions are al fresco.

Some of the hotels and restaurants close and some remain open so you can still eat and sleep well, and costs are also more reasonable. And the locals are much more friendly and have time to chat as they are less under pressure, of course.

See Amalfi out of season and enjoy.

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