Another crazy “plan” coming up….

Given that Europe is slowly opening up again after the COVID shutdown, I think that some cautious European travel is possible again. Italy has so far managed to contain the crisis very well and we still use masks and social distancing so I feel fairly safe here, and on my recent rapid visits to France too where we were asked to show the Green Pass almost everywhere we went.

I have not been to the UK for 2 years and I truly miss my mates plus my family so I am planning a trip over next week to see them. At the same time I will visit a guy in London who is selling a lovely Jaguar XKR and is willing to take my Audi S4 in part exchange. I have booked open tickets Calais Dover with P&O Ferries (I hate the stupid Chunnel) and I will book my fave hotel in Chamonix which is about half way between Amalfi and Calais.

So watch this space, I will try to take plenty of pics along the way!!!

Update: Mercure Chamonix is fully booked cos Chamonix is full of skiiers so I have booked the lovely Ibis Style at Sallanches where I stayed recently.


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I offer an ever-developing range of services to satisfy an ever-changing set of markets. Born in the UK I have lived in Italy for more than 20 years. I can help you to experience a touch of the real Italian experience which goes beyond your dreams but without stress nor unwanted suprises.

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