My old Audi S4 gets better with age !!!

Well, I have now had this 2006 car for 2 years but for the first year (thanks to COVID) I never really used or appreciated her. I had a few problems too so I was not really in love, although the few drives I made were very enjoyable indeed (see previous posts).

I also discovered that the seller was perhaps not completely honest when he told me that “the airbag light came on just as I drove into this car park over the speed bump” cos I have since discovered that er…..the car has previously been in a front end shunt and the airbag ECU does not work and/or communicate with the main ECU. Ah. So I found a used airbag ECU and I will get that fitted and I hope that this may solve the problem cos in the UK I cannot get an MOT with the airbag light on. Sigh.

Last weekend I went to visit my lad who lives in the far north of Italy (almost in France) “only” about 930 kms from here. I drove north very gently and stopped for dinner and bed at the wonderful Hotel Lazio (shame about the name) and then the next day I paused for a quick lunch at the lovely KM90 in Fidenza. From there a few hours later I was at my destination, very very cold but fine and dry weather greeted me. The car had used zero oil and is ok with petrol providing that I keep the revs down, sometimes tho’ I love to open her up for some serious speed of course!! Sorry Officer…

The next day I drove down to Milan and then on Monday from Milan I headed home gently, stopping for a car wash and snack along the way as well as fuel of course. The S4 has two major faults in my opinion: the fuel tank is really too small at about 70 litres (perhaps because she has a full size spare wheel under the floor so that takes loads of space) and the second is the very low gearing which calls for 3000 rpm for just 150 kph, and hence the thirst. I did drive 200 km following a car at about 120kph and the Audi achieved a record of almost 30mpg (10 litres/km) but hey, I did not really buy her to go slow!!!

So the 2,000 km weekend was very relaxing indeed and the Audi is a great place to spend some time in!!


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