WD40 for ever!!!!! Its amazing what a little squirt can do….

That was the punch line to one of their best adverts many years ago and in my opinion it still holds true today. The story of the product is very interesting too, see the company web site or Wikipedia. I first came to know this product when I was a kid and my Dad showed me how to use WD40 (plus another of their products called 3 in 1 Oil) to clean and to lubricate my bicycle, and I have been a fan and user ever since.

I cannot survive without WD40. I keep a tin in each of my vehicles and several in my garage, and my bikes are always WD40 doused. This product is simply great. It allows you to water proof anything (it repels water), to clean anything and also to free up any rusty bolts or nuts or whatever. Of course the weather in Italy is generally much better than the UK weather, but we do have rain in the winter so WD40 is always a very handy tool. It is great on almost all of the car in particular the electrics plus any parts that get wet and can therefore rust.

Let me know what you think!!!


Published by Simon

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