I just bought what?? A Yamaha R1? Goodness

As we know today’s sports bikes are amazing and true superbikes, they develop one horse power for each kilo of (dry) weight and so are basically road-legal rocket ships! For instance, the current 1000cc bikes from the big four Japanese manufacturers as well as BMW, Ducati and Aprilia are all producing over 200bhp and they weigh around 200 kilos. Imagine the acceleration.

So these bikes are really for the young guys who have the reactions and ability and youth to stay on board. And so at my er advanced stage of life what am I thinking?? Dunno really but yes I just managed to buy a lovely yellow 2016 Anniversary R1, she looks almost new. In the past I have owned several R1s including a track only version (which was of course MUCH faster than me) and I have always loved Yamaha sports bikes, I had an 2001 R6 and then I owned two stunning road R1s and wow were they fun, my R1s were 2004 and 2008 so in those days they made “only” 160/180 horses.

For me the R1 has always floated my boat, I regret selling my last one to a mate who loved her but he scared himself silly using her on normal roads and sold her on fairly quickly, I insisted that he took a riding course on the track at Magione but even so he never really “gelled” with that stunning bike. So recently I was looking at the used bike section at Martin’s shop and I spotted a stunning yellow anniversary R1 for sale, 2016 with low mileage and looking beautiful. Well she just arrived!!!! Some photos follow, feast yer eyes on this stunna!!!


Published by Simon

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