The Amalfi Coast for visitors…

I live in the lovely town of Amalfi, I have lived here for several years and coming here from the city of Roma it was a bit strange at first, but this little city is truly lovely. See this link

This city with its cathedral and the entire Amalfi Coast is beautiful and the history amazing. Crime in this area is almost zero perhaps because there is only one road in and one out so escape would be very difficult if not impossible. Next to Amalfi is Ravello, famous for its music festivals and Scala, said to be the oldest town on the coast as well as Atrani, the smallest town in Italy.

During the summer season the coast road is very heavily trafficked and better avoided if you wish to keep your car and occupants in one piece simply because the road is very narrow and has hundreds of tight curves. If you meet a bus then things become very interesting. The best strategy is to come by train to Salerno (only 2 hours fast train from Roma) and then to Amalfi via ferry boat, the port is only a 10 minute walk from the train station in Salerno. ALSO because the car parks are very few and very expensive along the coast whereas the public transport is good. Car parking can be 35 euro per day, IF you can find it, so always better without.

A few simple dos and donts:

DO come out of season. April/May and Sept/Oct are great months to visit to enjoy the area without too many people and without extreme heat.

DO book early cos the main months are very heavily booked.

DO come by public transport, the local train station (Salerno) is well connected, and we have frequent ferry boats which make your journey great fun as well as cool! See

DONT book any accomodation before you know how many steps you must climb to get there.

DONT expect the Hilton cos Amalfi is too small.

If you want more information or help then please contact me!!!


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