Using my Audi S4 V8 as a daily driver…really??

Ever since the days when I worked for Land Rover in Solihull I have always loved the V8 petrol engine. In those days the Range Rover V8 engine was purchased (the license) from the USA Buick I think and was aluminium and thus very light, it was considered at that time too small for the States I guess, “only” 3500cc. That engine is still today a mainstay of Land Rover and is now up to at least 5000cc, in the late 1980s the company investigated making a diesel version of that engine (project Iceberg) but it never came to fruition, shame.

(The petrol engine is/was used in the Rover SD1, Land Rover plus Range Rover and was also sold to other companies like TVR, Morgan).

Well recently I purchased my dream car, an Audi S4 Avant with the 4.2 V8 naturally aspirated engine. The car is not new, a 2006 car with 190k kms when I bought her and she now about 218k kms. She has a full Audi Switzerland service history and is in great condition for her age and drives great. Of course the fuel consumption is quite heavy but she is a pleasure to drive so well worth it. I am now using her most winter days, when the weather is good I use a bike but when the weather is damp and or cold then the Audi is called into action.

The car boasts a wonderful Recaro light grey leather interior in excellent condition the front seats are heated, and so are the rear ones!! Then she has loads of comforts like a sun roof, satnav and stereo so really lacks for nothing. A lovely drive, really, and so far she has proved to be super reliable too!!!

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