Another French trip….really????

It must be said that I spend alot of my waking hours thinking about bikes, cos I really love them!!! Recently my fave motorbike shop in the world contacted me to tell me that they have a bike “with my name on it”, a Honda Goldwing which had just come in from a mutual friend and is in fantastic condition. I looked at the photos and indeed she is like new BUT at 14k I could not really justify such a purchase also because I have have a stunning Honda VFR1200F which is my touring bike and she cost me MUCH less. The Honda Goldwing now costs 35k Euro new so this one at 14k is a bargain but perhaps not for me, they are as big as a car (1800cc 6 cylinders and 350 kg).

So my thoughts turned to the new Yamaha TMax 560 Techmax that I saw and drooled over last month when I was in the UK. I have a wonderful TMax 530DX which I bought new just before the lockdown, she has only about 6k kms on the clock so she is just run in but the new Techmax is something else! Now 560cc so with more torque and slightly more power and full of amazing new features, Martin made me a great trade-in offer to swap and well er as usual I fell for it.

So the meeting with Barnes is already planned and the hotel booked!!!! We will return to our favourite Royal Hotel in Troyes and spend 2 nights in the lovely city before returning on the other TMax. Perfect, also cos they have Leffe beer on tap mmmm as well as an excellent dining room with great food so we are all set!!! More info and pics to follow, promise!!!! STOP PRESS hotel rooms booked so all good.


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