Italy’s best kept secret: the Basilicata region

I recently visited the south of the Campania region of Italy (Naples is the Capital), we stayed in Sapri and then I rode by motorbike to visit lovely Maratea which is only 20km south but in the region of Basilicata. The older name of Basilicata is Lucania and its Capital city is Potenza. This is the second smallest region of Italy and has only about 600,000 residents (see Basilicata here).

The geography of the area makes it very difficult to manage as almost half of the region is covered by mountains. The area has two coastlines and is VERY beautiful and here is the real secret, in order to maintain the beauty the region works tirelessly as the mountains always threaten to cover the roads in rocks and stones to they cover the mountains with wire nets to ensure that the roads are always open. AMAZING roads, I have never enjoyed a road as much as the 20km from Sapri up to Maratea, stunning views roads and curves great for a gentle but exhilarating motorcycle ride. You cannot go mad cos you have a rock face on one side of the road and a wall with a sheer drop on the other!!

Both Sapri (the last town in Campania) and Maratea are well worth visiting for different reasons. Sapri is on the coast and has a stunning beach, the town is great for cycling as it is totally flat and the sea is very calm as it is enclosed in a huge bay, it looks like a lake. Maratea instead is situated at 300m above sea level and is a beautiful historic city to visit. See some pics below, more to follow. Ps we stayed in the lovely Hotel Ristorante POSIDONIA, super rooms and service as well as great food!!

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