Getting my Vito ready for the road again..

From personal experience I firmly believe that every long trip needs preparation, a stitch in time and all that. So I recently headed up to my lovely garage (despite the oppressive August heat) and started to prepare my van for the trip up to meet Brian the Barnes in Bergamo, north Italy. Tyre pressures, oil and water levels all ok, windscreen washer water full and all the rest. Tool kit on board. Then I started her up and drove out of the front doors of my garage so that the van rear axle was as low as possible and I fitted my bike ramp and started up the old VFR1200F (having checked her too for oil, water, tyre pressures and stuff cos Barnes will ride from Bergamo back up to the UK, about 1600 km in two or three days).

I then drove the Honda gently up the ramp into my van using the engine cos she is a VERY large bike, around 260kgs dry. I used my big ramp so that I could walk up alongside her whereas with the little one I have to hold her and jump up into the van, tricky with such a heavy bike. Luckily the height was ok and she went straight in to the Vito so I did not need to remove mirrors or windscreen phew. Lucky, also because the fairing is a one piece construction and SUPER quality, I would hate to try and take her apart…you cannot see any fasteners from the outside.

STOP PRESS: The old van caused me some heartache recently. She stopped several times without motive and I could not work out what was going wrong. Well I think that the problem came from the 2 year forced COVID stop. Since I have started using her again the problem has gone away so my best guess is that the fuel within the injectors/fuel filter etc had “gone off” and hence these problems.

Safely strapped down…

And in she goes, ready to be strapped down tightly for the journey…


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7 thoughts on “Getting my Vito ready for the road again..

    1. As you and I well know Brian, each and every journey needs careful planning and organizing, to ensure that the trip goes smoothly. The faster you wanna travel then the better the car or bike or van needs to be prepared. Ciao!!!


  1. VFR 1200, un grande moto. Ho avuto l’occasione di guidarne una (era di un mio amico, io avevo una 996); forse un po pesante ma, da quello che ricordo, di facile gestione. All’epoca dell’uscita ebbe un grande successo. Ho avuto la fortuna di vedere il garage di Simon.

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    1. Hiya Artu and many thanks for the kind feedback!!! The VFR1200F was indeed an amazing bike and full of high tech like ABS and Traction Control but it never had commercial success cos it was VERY expensive at the time and it fell between two stools, too heavy for sport riding and too little fuel for touring. I really loved the experience with mine and as a fast motorway tourer she is AMAZING and steady as a rock up to very high speeds. Thanks xxx


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