My many years of experience with the amazing Yamaha TMaxs

I have come to know and to love my days and kilometers riding the Yamaha TMax. As a motorcyclist for many years I always thought that the TMax was a bit strange: generally a scooter is purchased for cheap commuting and motorbikes are generally for pleasure riding so where does a fast 500cc twin cylinder scooter fit in? AND most sales in Europe are concentrated in Italy, France and Spain where the weather is kindest.

I purchased my first “commuter” scooter in Roma (a Honda 250 Foresight, a 4 stroke single cylinder workhorse) back in 1999 and I really enjoyed the experience, she allowed me to get to and from the office fairly quickly without needing to change shoes and clothes cos the body and screen of the scooter offers good weather protection and the fuel consumption was half that of almost any car. I kept her for several years before I bought the Yamaha equivalent the XMax 250, also a solid and reliable commuter. Then I had an amazing Yamaha Giggle 50 for many years, and that was a great little fun bike!!

Some 10 years ago I bought a TMax 500, a very early injection version 2002 vintage, I only bought her to sell on which I did but not before enjoying myself alot! The fuel consumption was crazy but only if you drove her like you had just stolen her! If you managed to be a little more gentle on the throttle then the fuel consumption was reasonable, still a bit heavy. But I was converted! I sold this bike to a mate at 70k kms and he still uses it daily, last I heard he was well over 150k kms!

More recently I bought a black new 530DX (in 2020) and I enjoyed myself so much (only 8k kms in 2 years cos of the COVID lockdown) that I chopped her in for a brand new TMax 560 Techmax this year and wow what an amazing bike she is. So far I have covered 3,000km and I cannot get the silly grin off my face! The TMax is a bike dressed up as a scooter and goes and handles REALLY well! The 560 is no more poweful than the 530 but meets the latest emission regulations and the feel of the bike has been further improved. Brakes, suspension and handling are fantastic and the bike is super comfortable too. Recently I covered 1600 kms in two days and wow, what a great ride!


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2 thoughts on “My many years of experience with the amazing Yamaha TMaxs

  1. Great review I totally agree about the Tmax what a fantastic machine having ridden the Tmax 560 to Troyes and returning home on the 530 I was blown away. The comfort on both is excellent the ridding position is so relaxed either feet forward or feet down. Both bikes have a high level of equipment but the 560 Tech max is is another league. The fuel economy is very good on the 530 on my way home I filled up at the English side I did 178 miles home and still had fuel left. These are great around the town or on a motorway they will cruise all day 70 to 80 mph or quicker if you like. Would I recommend a Tmax most definitely all my bikes have been superbikes big adventure bikes and large tourers but I could be swayed towards a big scooter 👍👍👍

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