A very Happy Brian rides up from Bergamo to sunny Bedrock on his new Honda VFR1200F…

I met up with my mate Brian recently in Bergamo in the north of Italy. We planned this trip two months before when Brian decided to purchase my 2012 Honda VFR, he had been without a bike for several years and finally decided that he wanted one for trips with mates. Of course he can always borrow a demo bike from the shop but I guess that he cannot take them abroad AND having and looking after your own bike is another world, in my humble opinion.

Last year good old Martin at Alf England found me this Honda at my specific request. The VFR1200F was never a sales success for Honda and thus Martin never sought to purchase any but he found me this low mileage, manual version (Honda also offered a DCT version) with a full service history and Brian brought it down to France and from being very cynical Brian arrived VERY impressed!! As a long distance powerful motorway steed she takes some beating, 170 horses and shaft drive!. So when he finally decided that he wanted another bike he called me and made me an offer that I could not easily refuse, I loved that bike but I was also VERY keen to see him return to riding. Barnes is an excellent and passionate long distance rider and he and his missus have always enjoyed bike holidays around Europe including race weekends so hey, why not!

We agreed on the date and Brian booked an air ticket from UK East Midlands to Bergamo, a lovely city in the north of Italy about 40km to the northeast of Milan. I drove up with the VFR in the back of my Vito van and I arrived first, his flight was one hour late and then he took a taxi to our stunning Best Western Hotel in the city centre. We spent that evening and some of the next day walking around Bergamo and people watching before Brian left for France and then I left heading south. GREAT trip indeed.

Wisely when we studied the weather forecast Brian decided to head north on the Friday afternoon instead of waiting till Saturday as the forecast was looking very grim so on Friday after a light lunch we unloaded the big Honda from my van and he set off for Sallances (Ibis Style) through the Mont Blanc Tunnel, then Troyes (Brit Royal Hotel) and then Calais before taking the Chunnel back to the UK and he reports that the bike ran faultlessly, he just needs two new tyres before he plans another trip. Here are a few of his photos, Happy Brian!!

PS. Brian just fitted two new Bridgestone tyres to the Honda and he says that she now corners MUCH better!!!


Published by Simon

I offer an ever-developing range of services to satisfy an ever-changing set of markets. Born in the UK I have lived in Italy for more than 20 years. I can help you to experience a touch of the real Italian experience which goes beyond your dreams but without stress nor unwanted suprises.

6 thoughts on “A very Happy Brian rides up from Bergamo to sunny Bedrock on his new Honda VFR1200F…

  1. What a fantastic trip and a fantastic mate Simon selling me his VFR. We had a great day in Italy 🇮🇹 and enjoyed great food plus excellent beers. As Simon said I left on Friday afternoon and what a great decision it was I missed the massive down pour on Saturday. The VFR ran like a dream eating up the miles with ease. I got the euro tunnel to England and arrive back home in Nuneaton at 9.30am. I’ve got to say a great big thank you to Simonnfor selling me the bike it’s a 10/10 👍👍


  2. Well after a 922 mile ride home I’ve got to say the Vfr1200 is a superb bike. I work as a service manager at Alf England Motorcycles and have to say I like many others poo pood the Vfr1200 that was until last year.
    Last year Simon bought the VFR and I agreed to ride it over to Troyes in France to deliver. The bike benefits from a full set of luggage 3 boxes R&G crash bungs and a fantastic comfort seat. First leg of my journey was a ride to the channel tunnel which was a fantastic ride the bike was very impressive. Once in France I traveled to Troyes to meet up with Simon. When I arrive Simon asked my opinion of the bike I was quick to sing it’s praises what a fantastic ride silky smooth V4 engine effort less gear changes it soaked up the miles with ease.
    I was blown away with the bike it wasn’t what I was expecting super smooth very powerful and good brakes fuel economy was also better than I expected
    After a few days in Troyes I returned home on a Mt10 but that’s another story.

    A couple of weeks ago me and the wife where talking and she said I thought you was buying another bike? I replied what made you think that ? She said I saw you looking at bike on the net I told her I was looking for a good friend of mine Scott who had just purchased a beautiful 03 Fazer 1000 in stunning Lava Red so I wasn’t looking really. She said I fancy us having another bike go touring Europe again. At that point I contacted Simon and made him an offer for his VFR and he agreed to sell it to me. My fantastic wife bought the bike for me thank you Debra.
    That’s why I flew out to Italy and collected the bike which was an absolute pleasure to ride home. She is currently at my works awaiting a new set of tyres and then I’ll be out enjoying the fantastic bike if you’ve never ridden one please have a test ride you’ll be mighty impressed great bike 👍👍


  3. VFR versus VFR in 2020 I purchased my my first VFR a 2019 800cc with 1500 miles on the clock. The bike was loaded with all 3 boxes so I thought sa good tourer?
    I tested rode the bike and thought rides nice I brought it home to show the wife and she agreed it was a good looking bike so I went ahead and purchased the bike.
    My first proper ride was 2 up with the wife we rode over to Melton Mowbray for breakfast. The rest of the ride was out to Lincolnshire and back towards Northamptonshire and back to Warwickshire.
    On that ride I stopped about 3 times with a sore back and a numb bum not a good ride the wife said on the back wasn’t comfortable and was very vibey.
    The next time we went out I stopped at a junction to turn right a car flashed me out and I proceeded to pull out only for the bike to stall and down we went. Luckily the damage was minimal only front brake lever. As I work in the dealership I bought the bike from I knew the previous owner. I called Dave and said I’ve had a tumble on the VFR and first thing he said bet you was turning right ? How he knew that was because the very same thing happened to him.
    What makes this worse is Dave was a ex police undercover motorcyclist with years of riding experience. That’s when I said to my wife this has to go and she said I’ve never enjoyed going on this and agreed. That’s the shortest period of bike ownership and I can honestly say I wasn’t sorry to see that go.

    VFR 1200 length of ownership 1 week and what a week it’s been the silky smooth V4 engine gearbox a dream and of course shaft drive. I bought this fantastic 2013 model with 22,000 miles on the clock. What a bike the whole experience is far superior to the 800. The handling is really nice cornering was precious and effortless on the open road the engine comes into its own lots of power and torque. This being the second generation has the larger fuel tank so more miles of smiles. I could easily get about 160 mile between fills. So my first experience was a 922 mile ride home from Bergamo in Italy to home in Nuneaton England.
    I would recommend the VFR1200 over the 800 for comfort handling and ability to munch the miles


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