The Honda CB1000R, what a lovely bike!

I bought my 2018 Honda CB1000R two years ago during lockdown and thus I have used her very little so far. In the UK this model never had great success and thus the value for money was amazing, I paid less than 7k Pounds for this lovely example with only 13k kms on the clock and in great condition with full service history and the dark red finish with brushed aluminium is classy and beautiful.

I removed the standard air filter and fitted a BMC version (that job was awful cos there is zero space to work behind the engine) I also removed the standard exhaust end can which was super-heavy and fitted a Leo Vince version which saves several kilos and sounds super, not loud at all just meaty.

This Honda is called a Neo Retro Cafe Racer (whatever that means) and she is a totally classy bike with some stunning features. The brushed aluminium parts are classy and the bike is super quality, feels very light for the stated 220kgs and the clutch, brakes and gearchange are all very light (typical Honda).

Riding her is like riding a 600 cos she feels light and handles like a dream but when you open her up goodness she picks up her skirt and FLIES, today I saw 195 kph and she was wanting to go faster but on a naked bike the wind becomes a bit too strong to be honest. But such fun to ride, tasty as hell. Some pics follow. lovely ì bike and wonderful to ride. PS I just changed the oil and oil filter so she will now run even better mmm.

Published by Simon

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