Has mighty Honda lost the plot (a bit)??

I have always loved and admired Honda motorcycles ever since I was a kid, at 14 I bought a rather tired 50cc C100 Cub for riding in the fields (it snapped in half and I had to get the frame welded back togather by our local blacksmith). I had a 1978 Honda 750 Four K6 and then a 1989 CBR1000 which was like Star Ship enterprise when it was launched in the late 1980s, I went from the 67 horses of the 750 to about 132 on the CBR1000!!

Honda for me has always represented top quality and engineering. Excellent products, well made using quality components, built to last. As well as very well balanced and easy to ride, all of that. And that is all true of two used Hondas that I have purchased recently, a lovely 2013 VFR1200F which I then sold on to Barnes plus my almost-new 2018 CB1000R. Both of these bikes are in amazing condition and both move really well, the VFR has ABS and 170 horses whereas the much newer CB1000R has a full set of electronics and all work really well! The quality of both bikes too is classic Honda, excellent.

So what am I moaning about, you ask?? Well, hear me out. I recently purchased another semi new Honda, a 2018 CRF250F with only 5k kms on the clock. She has been treated with kid gloves and has never been off road, from above she looks brand new. BUT. The underside of the bike is TOTALLY RUSTY!!! All of the fasteners need replacing or cleaning and refitting and even the exhaust pipe looks awful. Is this really Honda quality?? Sure she is made in Thailand and built down to a price, I get that, but in 5 years should a little used and much loved Honda be rusting away?

It is true that the UK uses salt on the roads to melp the snow and ice, but Honda knows that. I have ordered a full set of new fasteners…


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6 thoughts on “Has mighty Honda lost the plot (a bit)??

  1. You have loads of time on your hands, get to your garage and get the CRF sorted You could also pen a letter to Honda telling them if your disgust of the quality of there bike being a superior brand. I’m sure they’ll post you a full set of replacement bolts to sort it out. That’s not going to happen.
    What you should of done is buy a Yamaha WR250 or 450 nice bikes 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Pen a letter mate


  2. Hahaha thanks Brian, always like your comments mate!!! Rest assured that I have ordered LOADS of bits from Flea Bay to sort out the little CRF, some arrived today, including a set of screws and stuff. I agree 100% about the WR250 but at this price point mate you gets wot you pay for I guess!!

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  3. Morning Simon .. I agree that it’s pretty upsetting when a vehicle (bike or car) rusts away underneath you. The CRF250 is prone to rust a bit of rust. I remember how pissed I was when the exhaust clamp bolts snapped on mine when I replaced the original system with a lovely new lightweight Arrow pipe and end can —-
    Love your posts – Don 👍


    1. Don welcome on board and many thanks for your comment. I agree of course. The little CRF seems very well made especially at the price point, she suits me as I only aim for some very gentle trails. From above she looks new so I was VERY suprised to see the rusty bits and fasteners below. I have purchased a full set as well as some protection (the handle bars look very skinny too) so I want her to look great before I start to use her!!


      1. Yes Simon .. the bars were the first parts I replaced but once you start there’s no stopping. Then it was bar risers followed by a quality rear shock – a full Arrow peashooter exhaust was next and as the final icing on the cake I had the forks fitted with K-tech internals.
        Oh yes -i forgot – my first mod had been to go up two teeth on the rear sprocket and fit a quality chain.
        She was a crackin wee bike by the time I was finished if a bit of a climb to mount and dismount for my 80 years old knees. In the end that was the clincher and someonenelse is reaping the benefits now. I hope they appreciate that they’ve got under them cos she was a brilliant wee bike by the time I was done
        Cheers .. Don 👍


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